The Indo- Pak Foreign Secretary level talks scheduled for the 25th of August have been called off. This follows days of ceasefire violations (one wonders if there is any) an attack on the BSF that led to the martyrdom of two Jawans and finally the Pakistani High Commissioner to India made an outrageous call to the separatists in Kashmir to come for talks in Delhi.

The decisions to talk to Pakistan by the new government led by the BJP was perplexing given that they had opposed similar talks by the UPA government and nothing had changed on the ground to warrant the talks after the change of guard. Even the invite to Nawaz Sharief & talks held in Delhi was a surprise although it was not an invite to just Pakistan but to entire SAARC region but that too had preceded a terror attack in Herat in Afghanistan on Indian consulate. Still PM Modi didn’t call off his invite to Pak PM

So the pattern of aggression from Pakistan is the same and has been over the years. Provocation before any high level talks.

While PM Modi’s move to talk was surprising, in the end it has ended up giving a sort of diplomatic brownie points. Not that India cares for the world on the issue of Kashmir or Indo-Pak relations, India’s position in the eyes of the world in spite of having a so called “hardline nationalist” PM will be enhanced and the Modi’s stock is bound to rise as a statesman.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, questions will once again be raised on who controls Pakistan’s foreign policy especially its relations with India. Its no surprise to me that Pakistan has reacted the way it has. It only strengthens by belief that its only the Pak Army that calls all the shots and does not want peace with India. I have stated earlier that on Indo-Pak relations and on Kashmir, Pak Army & the civilian governments over the years have been in sync with the civilian government helping provide a charade and also some legitimacy.

After this latest provocation once again the question is on whose behalf did the Pakistani High Commission invite the separatist leaders to talk with him that too on Indian soil in India’s capital? Did Nawaz Sharief Government sanction it? If yes, then it exposes the perfidy of the civilian government. If it wasn’t the Nawaz Sharief government who sanctioned it, then was the Pak HC was acting on orders of the Pakistani Army?

Either ways it is clear once again that Pakistan is not interested in any serious talks with India. Any reconciliation with India or peace with India means making up with “Hindus” which strikes at the very heart of the basis for Pakistan’s being, the Two Nation Theory.

Going forward, in my opinion, India should stop all interactions with Pakistan. No back channel talks, nothing. India has been sitting pretty with territorial status quo while its Pakistan which is desperate to get Indian Kashmir with its leaders calling it the “Jugular vein” of Pakistan. India has nothing to gain from talking with Pakistan. India should concentrate on internal security and guard its borders well while we continue to grow economically and militarily while Pakistan continues to grapple with its internal problems which in large measure is a result of the policy of using terrorism as an instrument of state policy against India.