Sarvatra Vijay

Victory Everywhere


I am engineer by education, a businessman by profession, I have keen interest in strategic affairs, geo politics and defence matters. I am Editor of Indian Defence Analysis and administrator of Defence Forum India

This blog is essentially an effort to contribute my ideas and thoughts as India rises economically and militarily and comment on strategic affairs, politics and geopolitics having a bearing on India.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. shared one of your article and it is good one.. congrats buddy. I am too on DFI and posted some articles there.

  2. It’s been a long time since you posted something. Write something about Indian nukes once more. So little is public about them. I feel a compendium of whatever public knowledge is there about them should be made. I know a bit about Teller-Ulam design and some things about fission and fusion nukes. Also a bit about the detonation and arming process, maybe a I can chip in too, if you find it worthwhile.

    Mail me, I don’t even know your contact and DFI is so restrictive these days (no offense).

    1. Spikey, Writing about Indian nukes is difficult. Very little is available and it only boils down to making an analysis of trends around it. That’s why I felt Indian missile program was an indicator of Indian nuke inventory and wrote about it.

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